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The Game

Pilot Unknown is an action roguelike with a non traditional setting. Fly through procedurally generated levels exploring space stations, deep oceans, floating cities, and more. Collect combinations of unique relics, weapons, and items to become an unstoppable force or be destroyed in the process.

  • 8 Starting ships
  • 120 Relics
  • 12 Weapons
  • 40+ enemies
  • 7 Unique Levels

Intro Cinematic


While I appreciate people playing my game and having fun, I am mostly looking for play-testing, critique, and bug reporting.

There are plenty of bugs and even some crashes that will occur. Feedback, of any form, is super important as I cannot find all the problems on my own.  To contribute to bug reporting contact me on any of the following platforms or use the following playtesting spreadsheet. I am happy to put any community members with large playtesting contributions into the credits.

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Play-Tester Spreadsheet

Personal Email


Controller (Recommended)

Left Stick: Move
Right Stick: Aim / Fire
A /  Cross: Interact
X / Square: Interact 2
Left Trigger: Boost
Right Trigger: Item 1
Left Bumper: Item 2
Y / Triangle: Map
B / Circle: Inventory
Start: Pause


WASD: Move
IJKL: Aim / Fire
Space: Boost / Interact 2
Shift: Item 1
;: Item 2
Tab: Map
Q: Inventory
Hold R: Restart
Esc: Pause


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